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A very green WIAW…

Howdy folks, thanks you for joining me for our second installment of What I ate Wednesday!

Our color of the day is . .

. . . *drumroll* . . .


Chilled Cucumber Dill Soup: 
Courtesy of Rachel’s Craperie in Downtown Lancaster. My mother and I split a cup of this delightfully green soup in addition to our own crepes:
Santa Fe Veggie Crepe: 

(also from Rachel’s) 

Tomatoes, onions , corn, black beans, cheddar cheese, greens, and a vegetarian BBQ sauce. Delicious but HUGE, I brought leftovers home XD
Dill Avocado Spread:My own green creation (shown here on a rice cake). It just takes three ingredients folks:
One avocado
One bunch of dill
One squeeze of lemon juice
(I actually added too much lemon and had to double the batch to even it out)Put it in a food processor (or a mini food processor):and blend those beautiful greens!

I actually like this better smooshed with a fork rather than blended I think…


~What’s your favorite green food?


Happy WIAW everyone!


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home again

I’m home!!!

…which means…

I have internet again!!!


I’m sorry I went m.i.a. …again… but for the last week the internet has been about as reliable as the british weather channel (just always expect rain, no matter what they tell you) but now I’m home and the internet is up and running!


Thanks for all of your comments on my last post. It seems that most of you (myself included) prefer the rebellious scoundrel Solo to our archeologist friend Jones. I’m just a Harrison Ford fan in general and I love both sets of movies.


My first meal at home was grown almost entirely in my own garden. If you’ve ever lived on a farm or had a garden of your own you’ll know how satisfying that is:



Pasta with a fresh garlic, basil and onion pesto. Cooked with fresh tomatoes, red and green peppers and green squash. The only thing here we didn’t grow was the pasta, and the little bit of olive oil. It tasted amazing, I think the combination of tomato and basil has to be one of the best tastes in the world.



So what does a girl do when she basically only has two weeks to be home all summer?


    • Continue studying for the GRE *headdesk*
    • Sort through everything going to the apartment
    • Practice Tae Kwon Do


Did I mention that there’s a good possibility I’m testing for my next black belt degree in two weeks? My instructor will tell me within this next week if he’s going to test me. The promotion test is intense, including:


    • ~18 general forms
    • 106 hand techniques (with counting in Korean)
    • ~10 staff forms
    • ~ 6 nun chuck forms
    • sparing proficiency
    • vocabulary / verbal exam
    • as many sit up, push ups, kicks as they feel like making you do
    • a 2? or 3? part breaking combination


This is all stuff I should know like the back of my hand, but on testing day the nerves are high that once you make one tiny mistake there’s the possibility that you’ll be thrown off and mess everything else up. Can’t let the nerves get to you.


I’m also spending some time with my brother (outside of the dojo) Yesterday I took him out for chinese food:



Is it telling me to date someone at work? Cause that’s generally a really bad idea… let’s go with the translation: “date a physicist.” I can deal with that.





Today we decided to venture into the “city”. I grew up going to a small Montessori School in Lancaster City from when I was 2 until I was 13. I went to a public High School much closer to my home, and it became a trek to get to the city, but that didn’t stop me from spending as much time there as I could. Some of my favorite stops include:


Chestnut Hill Cafe


I spent almost every weekend coming here towards the end of high school. Great coffee, fun people. I still stop in at least once every time I come home.




An herb shop  in downtown Lancaster. This is such a peaceful place, I just have to stop in every time I walk by. The women who run the shop are wonderful, you should check out Sarah’s blog


Lancaster Central Market

I love, love, love the market. When I was in middle school we used to take a “field trip” every Tuesday to walk to market where we would buy and eat our lunch. Today we were only there for fresh, local milk, but I couldn’t resist a smoothie from my favorite smoothie stand ever.


Pineapple, strawberry, banana, mango with fresh squeezed orange juice and yogurt. I have them add fresh wheatgrass to mine. Yum.

Now it’s time to catch up on the 200+ posts Google Reader tells me I’ve missed. At least it’s something to do when I can’t take any more GRE madness for a little while.

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So, I’ve been feeling rather lazy and uninspired lately. I blame the lazy part on the days spent sitting on the beach, and the uninspired by the fact that my times been spent mostly studying rather than…well, whatever everyone else does on the beach…


For as long as I can remember my family has been going down to the beach at the same time, and as long as I can remember I had summer homework to do during those couple of weeks because I put it off through June and July. When I was young the work was easy, just reading a few book, a couple essays. Now in college it’s playing catch up and preparing for classes, and getting ready to move. This year I have the GRE to study for and I’m continuing the work from my earlier internship. I love what I do, and I wouldn’t trade this summer for any other, but at the same time I hope some day I’ll look back on this and recall this as an easy summer as well. (this will probably happen some time in the next couple months when I’m sleep deprived and in up to my eyeballs in school work and research)



But let’s get to something y’all are more likely to want to read about…more beach eats, from the last couple days…




Polenta on a bed garlic spinach, an topped with diced zucchini*, tomatoes*, feta cheese and an egg (could’ve gone without the egg) all beautifully lit in the morning sunlight.





A cup of roasted red pepper soup toped with chives and blue cheese, paired with a sesame seaweed salad. All courtesy Mama Kwan’s OBX mile post 11.













Lightly breaded baked eggplant on top of broiled zucchini* served with a fresh mairanara and parmesan.



Macaroni and cheese with kale, served with lima beans and topped with salt and pepper tomatoes*


*brought from my garden



I did manage to get out a bit yesterday. It rained so we (along with most everybody else on the beach) decided it was the perfect time to go see a movie. What did we choose?


Cowboys and Aliens



We’ve got Indiana Jones paired with James Bond as our two hunky tough as nails cowboys, and Tron’s new drop dead damsel for the eye candy factor. How can you go wrong with this cast? (probably by throwing in aliens)


Well unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to make my top ten but I did enjoy it. I went into it not expecting a full on serious movie, I mean they mixed a a western with a sci-fy for goodness sake, but it was fun.


It starts off with a few shots of Butch Cassidy esq scenery, a bit more violence than I enjoy and then we introduce the aliens. I cant say much more without giving away any spoilers, and I hate when people do that to me so I’ll shut up here.


~ Have you ever had to work through a vacation?

~ Harrison Ford: do you prefer Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

It’s probably not surprising that I fall into the Han Solo category…

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(my first) WIAW!

Yes, it’s true. I’ve decided to join the WIAW party!

What I ate Wednesday is an effort to link together a bunch of bloggers to basically share what the ate and everything they ate on a given day of the week. I think, for me, this will be a great opportunity to look back on a day and see and bad habits coming out or good habits that I should be proud I’ve developed. Of course this may just result in me being extra careful not to have any guilty eats on the day I’m photographing but you know what, that’s healthy too! Click here for more details about WIAW.

What I did not realize is that you can photograph a day of meals, snacks, drink etc. from  ANY day of the week. So, this week at least this is actually what I ate Wednesday! (as in today) In the future I will probably photograph Monday, or Tuesday’s eats, or maybe not and I’ll stick to actual Wednesday meals. It will all depend on my class schedule.

So, here goes!

(I’ve included everything but a water count)


Homemade polenta topped with amazingly red tomatoes (brought with me from our garden) and avocado. Seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper. (for meat eaters my brother told me his was delicious with fresh local shrimp on top as well)
Not pictured: two cups of coffee from my favorite coffee cup
Not pictured: one brown rice cake in the early afternoon

The pasta pictured is actually my brothers, which in addition to the veggies included fresh, local shrimp and scallops.

Pasta with spinach, zucchini* and roasted acorn squash* topped with a bit of shredded cheese.

I have this secret soft sopt for all things acorn

*from my own garden!


Baked peanut butter, nutella bananas. Basically slice open a banana down the middle, spread in a small dollop each of nutella and peanut butter (any nut butter will do, but I was afraid my current almond butter would be too runny) But really, only a SMALL dollop or all of the goodness will leak out. Place in the oven at 400*F and bake for ~10 min or until the outsides are black like this:


Eat out of the peel with a spoon right after taking out of the oven. Just use some common sense, don’t burn yourself.
I only ate one of these but thank goodness my brother (who’s in that stage where he eats a full meal every two hours or so) was here or I would have eaten another, they were sooo good.
So there we are, my very first WIAW!!!
~Do you do WIAW?
~What was the best thing YOU ate today?

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August??? Really!?

It’s already August! ~25 days till move in! ~50 days till my GRE!


Where did my summer go?

(it snuck on by while I was tanning in the English rain)


I still have plenty of time to finish up my summer duties (right?) Today I both finished paying (or borrowing) for this semester AND started sorting things out for my apartment. Most of my stuffs being stored in PA right now so all I can (will) work on here are the fun things, like designing my wall decorations (more on those when I actually start making them) As for now, this is going to have to be a brief post ‘cause I just got back from a run with my brother and I’ll be ready to pass out soon.


Vacation Eats (from over the last almost a week):


tonight's to die for dinner

Protabella mushrooms marinated in a aged balsamic, sitting on guta mashed potatoes, and served with sauteed spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. Oh and of course its topped with warm delicious melty feta! With this dinner I’ll never miss the meat and potatoes of my past…too bad it was ordered at (an amazing) restaurant, The Black Pelican (OBX mile post ~4ish between the beach and the main road)

last night's dinner...maybe I should lay off the cheeses for a bit...


The best ever french onion soup ordered from Jockey’s Ribs, located in Kill Devil Hills right across from the huge sand dunes.

lunch from ... ?


Home creation! (yes I still eat in at vacation, it’s just not nearly as exciting) Southern Wrap: shredded zucchini (brought along from my home garden) black beans, avocado and a little bit of shredded cheese poorly held together in an organic spinach wrap.

Indulgence (as if the rest of this wasn't) also from ?


Real live traditional mouth watering Key Lime Pie, drool… Bought from Whalebone Seafood in Nags Head, then carried out to our house (and mostly devoured by my brother)


On another note I’m trying our google reader, it’s getting to be quite the effort to go through my “blogs” folder on my browser just to be disappointed when something’s not updated. Hopefully this will alert me to updates, though I really dont like actually reading them in that format so far…I like all the individual layouts and formatting…


~Do you use reader? Something else? What do you like about it?

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Hey y’all, I realize I’ve been absent …again… but I’ve switched locations …again…


I’m now in North Carolina a little further south, a few more degrees fahrenheit and a lot more accents! It was really nice to get to go home and see my family for a few days, but it seems like this summer is all about jumping house. I should make a map:



Can I hear the Carmen Sandiego theme please?


Where in the world is Abi!? 


Hmm, just doesn’t have the same ring to it…


The Outer Banks, NC


My best girlfriend and I have been coming down to NC together since were were about 6 years old. We spend two weeks down here getting tan, playing in the ocean, jet skiing, mini golfing and consuming massive amounts of chips ahoy cookies with milk.


Unfortunately people grow up.


I’m still in school and hopefully will be for the next 6-9 years of my life (I ultimately want to earn my Ph. D.) Despite sumer internships I’ve managed to get a couple weeks this summer to spend on an actual break (or as much of one as I ever get) My friend on the other hand graduated cosmetology school about a year ago, and recently got her first real job at a salon, and she’s even more recently become floor manager (applause for my friend!) Both the salon and her position there are too new for her to take more than a weekend off at this point so this year we don’t get our beach time together.


It’s incredibly depressing. I have a double room with an empty bed. There’s no one to drink strawberry daiquiris with or try crazy experiments with my hair:


Hmm, let’s see, we’ve had it blue, red, wrapped, braided, long, short, curly, straight, blonde, brown… not all of these were overly flattering (the blue was hideous and lasted for months) but what can I say, I get bored, and my beach time is the time I can mess with it and fix it before anyone important sees it. Don’t even get me started on the changes her hair has gone through, but then again she’s wanted to be a hair stylist for as long as I can remember, and she’s good at it.


I’m rambling.


I just have to make the most of it, and enjoy hanging out with my brother and his friends this year instead.


So let’s get a bit up to speed:




Next time I'll ask for it without the ginormous egg on top...


I eat out down here a lot more than I do at home. A) I don’t have the groceries I’m used to having B) I have to go out to get produce C) I’m staying in a tiny little shack on the beach, the stove causes the smoke alarm to go off and to oven heats the whole house D) I’m on vacation!


It’s easy to gain weight while eating out all the time, basically you don’t know what they’ve put in your food and generally the unhealthier ingredients (butter, cream) help the food taste better with less effort on the chef’s part. This year I’m being really careful what I order when I eat out, but sometimes I cant resist the old favorites, like the amazing Pad Thai from Mama Kwans.


odd religious cereal


However there is also potential to try a bunch of odd local food and produce like this cereal I got to try on my yogurt. I’m not so big on scripture but the contents of the box intrigued me. It basically tastes like a not so sweet granola, and it’s a great source of fiber.















At the farmers market I bought some fresh figs to snack on (mmmmm) and some okra, a very southern vegetable. I’ve never cooked okra before, and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it yet, but I couldn’t resist myself.



Being down here means a number of things:


1. I get to drink coffee from my favorite coffee cup:


I don’t particularly like cats, in fact I’m pretty horrible allergic to them though I suppose that’s not really their fault…

This cup is just the perfect size and weight and I love the colors and the rustic glaze at the bottom. I’m weird, I know.

2. I get to play in the ocean! ( I love swimming)


Did I mention I have a waterproof camera?











And by waterproof I mean underwater? Not the greatest framing but I think I’m going to have fun experimenting with this…


3. I still have to keep studying for the GRE



4. That doesn’t mean I can’t still have some fun!


~What do you do to stay healthy on vacation?

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Home, home on the farm…

It’s my first time spending any sort of extended time at home for quite some time. That means:

  1. I have access to a surplus of fresh veggies
  2. I have to break it to my parents that I’ve stopped eating meat
  3. I get to go to as many Tae Kwon Do practices as I want
  4. I get a daily reminder that my baby brother is ~6 ft tall
  5. I get to experience 90*+ weather without an air conditioning
So it’s got its ups and downs, but it’s good to be home, if only for a few days.
The weather yesterday was brutal so I decided to take advantage of the sun and take a few photos of the farm:
Our main garden is absolutely loving the weather (so long as we water it daily) The greenhouse, on the other hand, isn’t doing so well…
              I love all the fresh produce here…
…and it’s interesting to have a bunch of animals running around your yard…
…and your house…
my cat Schrödinger is hitting the books
Today, it rained. So I took the opportunity to get a bit of reading (and a lot of laundry) done.
I absolutely love the rain. It’s so peaceful and does wonders to cut the heat.
(just because I love this photo)
So what does one eat while holed up in an overly hot house all day?
Overnight oats to start with!
Chocolate-Almond Overnight Oats:

"someone is thinking about you"

I decided to try a new type of almond butter while home this trip. The really cool thing about this brand is the almond butter has the consistency of traditional store bought peanut butter. It was perfect for melting on top of my cold oats this morning. I then topped that with some chilled dark chocolate, a shaved piece of Dove dark (I love the totally cliche sayings on the inside wrapper) and enjoyed my breakfast!

Lunch was rather anticlimactic after my overly thought out breakfast, just hummus on rice cakes:
simple, but something I’ve fallen in love with over the past couple weeks of packed lunches in Manchester. I also had a few raw veggies with this (not pictured).
Then TKD practice in the evening and a movie with my high school friends (my nerds). All in all I would call it a great day.
~What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

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