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A monster is born…

The time has finally come, last night Herman was reborn!!!


After 10 days of work on the countertop, baking day has finally arrived.  Now there are a number of different types of cakes you can try to bake Herman into, but the most appealing I found was the Applesauce Coffee Cake we split Herman (who at this point was gigantic) into four equal parts, three to be given away and one to be baked. I added flour, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, eggs, and of course applesauce to the mix , then poured the batter into an oiled pyrex baking pan.

I then topped the cake with a layer of brown sugar and cinnamon streusel, and set him in the oven to bake at 190*C. After about 20 minutes Herman started to resemble frankenstein’s monster, or perhaps the grand canyon… The top was full of crevices.

(does anyone know what caused the cake to do this?)

Oh well, what can you expect from a cake that’s been sitting on your counter for the last ten days? Despite his odd appearance Herman was delicious, with trails of gooey brown sugary goodness inside of him.



I’ve never really been a baker (clearly), but this was quite a fun project and I might try to start one back in New York (maybe practice on the actual baking part first).


I have a friend from New York staying with me for a few days, so I’m going to apologize in advanced if I’m a little late making posts.

~ Does anyone know why Herman came out so malformed???


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Day 2…

… stir well.

Herman is still a baby, he was quite bubbly when I got home to stir him. He’s feeling quite at home sleeping in our microwave, covered with a tea towel.

Shh! Herman in sleeping!

Shh! Herman is Sleeping!

I’ve discovered that I actually received Herman on the traditional Day 1, so for me this will be a 9 day process instead of 10.




Today I tried Overnight Oats for the first time. I mixed equal parts oats, hazelnut almond rice milk, and peach provamel soy yogurt, with a dash of cinnamon then let it sit in the fridge all night. I must say I was very skeptical when the oats went into the fridge looking like a pile of goo and, well, came out not looking much different…

But I cut up some peaches and strawberries and threw on a dollop of almond butter and it tasted pretty good. I still think I’ve got the liquid to oats ratio is a bit high, but it was good enough that I’ll keep trying. I did enjoy the fact that the oats were cold, I’ve never been a fan of hot oatmeal in the morning.

Tonight I finally got to try Indian food in England. Indian food has to be one of my favorite types of food. All those curries, and it has to be super spicy! My flat mate came with me, she had never tried Indian food before (it’s sometimes hard to come by in little American farming towns) so I decided a sampling of all the typical foods was a good idea.

First we had a starter that our waiter recommended, I forget what he called it but it was basically a sampling of many different chutneys on cracker like bread. My favorite was the curried pickles and my flat mate liked the sweet honey colored on the far left:

We then each got a vegetable samosa, very traditional but very tasty.


I then introduced my flat mate to the lassi, a traditional indian yogurt drink. They work wonders for cutting the spice of a main dish. We got the mango flavor.

Then finally the main course. I got Karahi Mash Daal & Chana, a lentil and chickpea dish, “very spicy” and my flat mate got Karahi Prawn and Spinach, “less spicy”.

Karahi Mash Daal & Chana

Karahi Prawns & Spincah

I absolutely loved mine (I’m a huge chick pea fan) and it was extremely spicy in the best possible way. My flat mate liked hers, but I’m afraid it was a bit too spicy for her, she had to drink a lot of lassi.

We also ordered some Naan, an indian flat bread, to go with our meal, and boy did we get Naan.

This is the largest piece of Naan I have ever seen, and they serve it to you hanging on a metal rack, quite interesting.

What’s your favorite Indian dish?

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Meet Herman!

Today we added a new member to our flat. Herman, the German Friendship Cake!

Day 1: I get Herman!

“Put me in a large bowl and cover with a tea towel.”

Herman is a sourdough cake that you work for 10 days, then slit into four equal parts, continuing to bake one and pass the other three on to friends. A woman from work gave me my iteration of Herman and I plan to ask about the story previous to my involvement.

I’m quite amused by the fact that they have named him Herman; when I was young I used to name EVERYTHING Herman. My favorite was my imaginary pet rock, Herman. Now I get a pet cake, Herman too!

Tonight my goal was to cook something my flat mate would eat, or at least try. So I tried a Tofu Pad Thai, I mean everyone likes pad thai. The only problem was I had never made it before. I threw together a sauce of tamarind paste, soy sauce, agave (to cancel the bitter aftertaste of the tamarind), and red chili pepper. I took a large skillet, sauteed some green onion and garlic, scrambled two eggs then threw on some partially cooked rice noodles with the sauce and a bit of vegetable broth. Towards the end I added some marinated tofu. The result was not the best presentation, but she liked it (apart from the tofu) though I think she got a bit too many chili peppers in her scoop…

I also decided to do a bit of simple baking today. I tried a slight variation on Leanne’s Itty Bitty Strawberry Coconut Tarts. Instead of filling mine with coconut cream I decided to make a Coconut Yogurt Cup. I followed her recipe for the cup, though I used a full sized muffin pan. Then I simply filled them with organic strawberry yogurt. Delicious!

The entire time I was making these Harry Belafonte’s Coconut Woman song was stuck in my head!

Make sure you keep checking in over the next couple days to hear how Herman’s doing! Also, if you happen to be in the Manchester Area and are interested in taking a portion of Herman that needs to be passed on please let me know!

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