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Do you hear the people sing?

So I realize I’ve been a bit m.i.a lately. There are plenty of reasons for this (some better than others) but lets take a bit of a recap of what I’ve missed.


I began Thursday by scalding my hand quite badly while pouring my morning tea. The top of my left hand was covered in a large second degree burn leaving me quite unable to type for the day. It is still an odd purple color five days later, but it’s healing slowly but surely.

Herman had a growth spurt on Thursday. He ate one cup each of flour, sugar and milk, he is now so large that we have had to switch his bowls.



I have this theory (which is mine!) that when David Bowie playing in the cafe when I purchase/drink my coffee the day is going to be spectacular. This theory has yet to have an exception (mostly because we make our own luck).

We had planned a trip to London to go see Les Misérables at The Queen’s Theatre in London’s theatre district. Unfortunately the show was sold out for about a month before we thought to get tickets, but we decided to make the trip to London anyway.

We caught a 6 AM train and arrived in London a little after 9 AM, naturally the first thing I wanted to do was get a cup of coffee, and sure enough David Bowie’s China Girl started playing as I took my first sip. I told my flat mate then and there: this was going to be an amazing day. And it was…

First, it was SUNNY … in LONDON … I have been to London three times in the past and the weather proved to be rainy, rainy and then bitter cold and snowy. London proves to be much more enjoyable in the sun.

My flat mate had the idea to go to the Les Mis box office to see if anyone had returned any tickets to the show. We arrived just as the doors were opening and were greeted with the SOLD OUT sign. But in fine print under that sign were the magical words “standing tickets £10” They cautioned us that from this position the top of the stage was obstructed by an overhang, but I would have paid £10 to sit in there blindfolded! Les Mis has got to be my all time favorite musical and this was an opening week performance with Alfie Boe as Valjean, Hadly Fraser as Javert and Matt Lucas as Thénardier. You couldn’t ask for a better cast!

We figured we had enough time before the matinée to go see Westminster Abbey, which has been closed each time I came to London in the past.

This building is bursting with history, it is the resting place of the Monarchs of England (up until Henry VIII) as well as many other important figures in British history: Churchill, Chaucer, Darwin …

As an aspiring physicist the monument to Sir Isaac Newton was particularly inspiring. This was the man who, four hundred years ago, started dissecting gravity and planetary motion. I find it quite fitting that the inscription on his grave reads Hic depositum est, quod mortale fuit Isaaci Newtoni or “Here lies that which was mortal of Isaac Newton”.

After the Abbey we headed back towards the Theatre and stopped for lunch. How can you go to London without eating fish and chips? Well if you’re vegetarian that’s how. Except we found a pub that offered vegetarian “fish” and chips. Yum. Again, my luck continues.

We arrived at the theatre about a half hour before the show and decided to see if anyone had returned any tickets yet. It was, yet again, our lucky day. Someone had just returned two tickets in the center of the second row of the first balcony. We traded in our standing seats with out a second glance. The seats were amazing, absolutely perfect, some of the best in the house. And Alfie Boe was the best Valjean I have ever heard let alone seen with my own eyes. The show was absolutely amazing, an experience of a lifetime.

When we left the theatre we discovered that the participants of London’s Pride Parade had moved to party in Soho. We had quite an amusing time finding our way out of the crowd of drunken semi-dressed people partying in the streets. I’m afraid this may have been slightly traumatizing to my flat mate, but I found the whole experience quite amusing. Had I been in a familiar city with a group of friends I may have hung around for a bit.

On the way back to the train we stopped for dinner. I got a delightfully refreshing gazpacho, perfect after three hours of breathing in second hand stage smoke.

We then arrived home, stirred Herman and reflected on our absolutely amazing day.

~Are you a fan of musicals? What’s your favorite?


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