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So, I’ve been feeling rather lazy and uninspired lately. I blame the lazy part on the days spent sitting on the beach, and the uninspired by the fact that my times been spent mostly studying rather than…well, whatever everyone else does on the beach…


For as long as I can remember my family has been going down to the beach at the same time, and as long as I can remember I had summer homework to do during those couple of weeks because I put it off through June and July. When I was young the work was easy, just reading a few book, a couple essays. Now in college it’s playing catch up and preparing for classes, and getting ready to move. This year I have the GRE to study for and I’m continuing the work from my earlier internship. I love what I do, and I wouldn’t trade this summer for any other, but at the same time I hope some day I’ll look back on this and recall this as an easy summer as well. (this will probably happen some time in the next couple months when I’m sleep deprived and in up to my eyeballs in school work and research)



But let’s get to something y’all are more likely to want to read about…more beach eats, from the last couple days…




Polenta on a bed garlic spinach, an topped with diced zucchini*, tomatoes*, feta cheese and an egg (could’ve gone without the egg) all beautifully lit in the morning sunlight.





A cup of roasted red pepper soup toped with chives and blue cheese, paired with a sesame seaweed salad. All courtesy Mama Kwan’s OBX mile post 11.













Lightly breaded baked eggplant on top of broiled zucchini* served with a fresh mairanara and parmesan.



Macaroni and cheese with kale, served with lima beans and topped with salt and pepper tomatoes*


*brought from my garden



I did manage to get out a bit yesterday. It rained so we (along with most everybody else on the beach) decided it was the perfect time to go see a movie. What did we choose?


Cowboys and Aliens



We’ve got Indiana Jones paired with James Bond as our two hunky tough as nails cowboys, and Tron’s new drop dead damsel for the eye candy factor. How can you go wrong with this cast? (probably by throwing in aliens)


Well unfortunately it wasn’t good enough to make my top ten but I did enjoy it. I went into it not expecting a full on serious movie, I mean they mixed a a western with a sci-fy for goodness sake, but it was fun.


It starts off with a few shots of Butch Cassidy esq scenery, a bit more violence than I enjoy and then we introduce the aliens. I cant say much more without giving away any spoilers, and I hate when people do that to me so I’ll shut up here.


~ Have you ever had to work through a vacation?

~ Harrison Ford: do you prefer Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

It’s probably not surprising that I fall into the Han Solo category…


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(my first) WIAW!

Yes, it’s true. I’ve decided to join the WIAW party!

What I ate Wednesday is an effort to link together a bunch of bloggers to basically share what the ate and everything they ate on a given day of the week. I think, for me, this will be a great opportunity to look back on a day and see and bad habits coming out or good habits that I should be proud I’ve developed. Of course this may just result in me being extra careful not to have any guilty eats on the day I’m photographing but you know what, that’s healthy too! Click here for more details about WIAW.

What I did not realize is that you can photograph a day of meals, snacks, drink etc. from  ANY day of the week. So, this week at least this is actually what I ate Wednesday! (as in today) In the future I will probably photograph Monday, or Tuesday’s eats, or maybe not and I’ll stick to actual Wednesday meals. It will all depend on my class schedule.

So, here goes!

(I’ve included everything but a water count)


Homemade polenta topped with amazingly red tomatoes (brought with me from our garden) and avocado. Seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper. (for meat eaters my brother told me his was delicious with fresh local shrimp on top as well)
Not pictured: two cups of coffee from my favorite coffee cup
Not pictured: one brown rice cake in the early afternoon

The pasta pictured is actually my brothers, which in addition to the veggies included fresh, local shrimp and scallops.

Pasta with spinach, zucchini* and roasted acorn squash* topped with a bit of shredded cheese.

I have this secret soft sopt for all things acorn

*from my own garden!


Baked peanut butter, nutella bananas. Basically slice open a banana down the middle, spread in a small dollop each of nutella and peanut butter (any nut butter will do, but I was afraid my current almond butter would be too runny) But really, only a SMALL dollop or all of the goodness will leak out. Place in the oven at 400*F and bake for ~10 min or until the outsides are black like this:


Eat out of the peel with a spoon right after taking out of the oven. Just use some common sense, don’t burn yourself.
I only ate one of these but thank goodness my brother (who’s in that stage where he eats a full meal every two hours or so) was here or I would have eaten another, they were sooo good.
So there we are, my very first WIAW!!!
~Do you do WIAW?
~What was the best thing YOU ate today?

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