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Midsummer’s Night Feast

I’ve wanted to start a blog for awhile now. Not that I think anyone should care about my ramblings, what I do, what I cook, what I learn, but for my own benefit. Improve my writing. Maybe help people who are far away feel like they’re still a part of my life. But it’s always been one thing or another keeping me back.

enemy # 1 : TIME

But when do I have more time than on the solstice? The longest day of the year. So today I have no excuses, I will write.

When I was a kid I would have spent the solstice celebrating. Dancing around a bonfire, sleeping outdoors, skinny-dipping in the middle of the night. Sadly the time to be a little heathen is past, and this year I worked. Not that I dislike work, in fact I love it. I have a better job than I could have hoped for this summer. I’m spending my summer doing what I love (physics)  in an amazing new place (england).

This summer I am fortunate enough to be doing research at the University of Manchester and the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. This is by far the most coolest place I’ve ever worked (my apologies to Victoria’s Secret).

Lovell Radio Telescope

That’s the world’s third largest steerable radio telescope. Fantastic. My “office” is in an old library in this paragon of 60’s architecture. Well, that’s my workplace on tuesdays. Every other day I’m stationed at the actual University.

You ask me: What exciting bit of cutting edge science are you doing there? Well, mostly I swear at my excuse for a python program.

So what about that feast I mentioned? Yesterday was the solstice, and since I am in a metropolitan setting I can’t get as much nature as I’d normally hope for, so I decided to create a celebratory dinner to commemorate the summer.

Summer Quinoa Salad:

When I think of summer I think of fruit. Growing up on a farm makes you take fresh fruits and veggies for granted, but after a few years of searching the cities for good produce you come to appreciate the greens.

This salad was my attempt to combine the good tastes of summer to make a yummy vegetarian meal. It was a very easy combination of mango, cherries, cucumber mixed into quinoa with a lemon-basil dressing. In the future I’d like to substitute dried cranberries for the cherries just to save the trouble of pitting them.

That’s all I have today but lets hope I’m more faithful to this blog than anything else in my pile of forgotten projects.



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