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Artistic Cooking

Sometimes my artistic side likes to sneak into my cooking, today was one of those days.  Now this is a recipe loosely based on one I read on taste spotting (one of my favorite distractions, thank you Rachel) during a recitation a few months ago. I’ve been itching to try it but convinced myself to wait until the vegetables actually came into season. Unfortunately when I tried to go back and find the aforementioned recipe I couldn’t remember what it was called or where the link came from. So part memory, part improv here’s my version:

Personal Vegetable Terrines: 

What you’ll need:



(or Courgettes as the British call them)

Baby Spinach



A few large tomatoes


Oh! And also a few ramekins

(or as I used, a muffin pan, one of my favorite cooking accessories)

Start by heating a bit of olive oil and a clove of crushed garlic in a saucepan. Add the spinach and cook until all the water has evaporated from the leaves. Next time I try this I think I’ll add a few roasted pine nuts in towards the end. This will be the top layer of your terrine, so line you ramekin with about a centimeter of it once the spinach is done.

Next slice your zucchini very thinly and cook in a skillet with some olive oil, just long enough for it them to get soft. Then let them drain on a paper towel before lining the sides of you dish with overlapping disks.

Go ahead and chop the large tomatoes and place them in a shallow pan or skillet. Heat them slowly to evaporate the water and let them get to a thick consistency (this actually takes quite awhile so you may want to start this step first). Thinly chop the basil and add to the mixture. This is going to be the filling so you my want to add a bit of salt and/or pepper. Actually you could add that to any of these steps, but I prefer the natural tastes of the veggies, though I may experiment with adding different herbs to the tomatoes or zucchini.

Fill the cups with the tomatoes pressing firmly.

Next slice the eggplant into rounds. I fried them in a skillet until browned then baked them for 10-15 min until they were soft, then these acted as the base of my sculptures.

Then cover with saran wrap and poke holes in the top. Cover a baking tray with paper towels and place on top of the muffin pan. Turn the entire contraption upside down so the extra juices drain. Chill overnight.

The result is a personal sized terrine perfect if you’re hosting a small summer get together.

And I even have one left for tomorrow

(doesn’t it look so cute in its tupperwear!)

Do you ever get artsy while cooking? What did you make?


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